I had an epiphany. Should I go through with this? :/

Okay so I can't seem to get a boyfriend (I'm 19 and never been kissed...never anything). I really want a boyfriend but I have decided to just wait when it's my time. If it were my time to have a boyfriend then I would have one. I am thinking of going through my 4 years of college not worrying about getting a boyfriend but then when I graduate and if (hopefully this does no happen) I am still "untouched" I will try online dating. Is this a good thing to do? Has anyone gone through this? Did it work out or?



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  • You're being very smart to stop worrying about it. Men are the pursuers and they'll find you in college. Just make as many friends as you can. When college is over, online dating sites are okay. I met my wife on www.okcupid.com. It's free and very good.

    • Yeah..ha ha..it's taken me like over 5 years to accept the fact that feeling bad about not having a boyfriend yet won't make me get a boyfriend any time soon. It really has taken me a lot to stop worrying about and bitching about it. But finally...I have forced myself to just breathe and let it go and just wait. Thanks for the advice. :)

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    • ...I don't mean to sound desperate but maybe I should cruise a bit on a dating match site as young as I am..haha...just to see what it's about...it's better than nothing. And could you explain one thing to me: Why do guys act like such jerks sometimes? I mean I have one guy friend who says stuff like he likes me (as a friend I assume) and likes to hang out but then he makes fun of me...what's the point of that? >.< And do not even get me started on the other jerk things he does...God...

    • ..and I never know when he's being sarcastic or serious...blehhh

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  • I admire your sense of independence...I would just say not to completely shut off the possibility when in college...keep your eyes open and be open to advances by thoughtful, well-meaning guys!

    • Thanks for the advice! :)

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    • Awesome! I hope you are still friends with your friend! lol

    • Thankfully..yes...I am still friends with her...no awkwardness...so I suppose everything's good. :) Some of my friends, her, my boyfriend and I all went out to hang out..and it was cool..so no worries. ^_^

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