Does not always respond to texts, and gives short answers, but asks me to lunch?

I talked to this girl some and we did some serious flirting last weekend. From what I've heard from her friends she likes me and I like her. This week/weekend when texting she's given short responses and twice she never responded to my text after two days. Today she answered my text a few hours after I texted her (she was actually busy at the time) and we texted constantly for about 45 min then she asked me if we could go to lunch again this week.

I'm confused. She's not really playing hard to get because she asked me to lunch, but at the same time she's being complicated with the texting. I don't like double texting even if it is after a day or two! What could be going on?


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  • based on what's happening to me as well, I'll say that she's slightly interested but not extremely attracted to you. Which means she's still unsure whether she wants to be friends or more. Take it cool and my advice is not to expect too much at this point. Keep us updated!

    • Today she texted me around noon and we've been pretty much texting all day almost non stop. She even sent me a picture (not a nude or anything!) of herself a we've had good conversation. I'm glad everything is going well but I guess only time will tell. I'll keep you updated if anything changes!

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