I'm hopeless at dating! Somebody please give me some tips!

What is the best way to get to know somebody you like better! I'm tragic when it comes to dating and relationships. Anyway I need a few tips on how to keep this guy I like interested. So far he seems to be interested I hope :p He's really friendly and always talks to me whenever he sees me. He's given me his number but the thing is he told me to call him if I need a guest list for this club he promotes at. I have no idea how to approach him, should I seem interested or act cool as though I see him as a friend for now or be a little hard to get...I have no idea! Please help me out? :) Any tips

Okay so maybe I would like to begin with building a friendship with him but I'm no good at making friends with somebody I like because I get really shy and nervous! Any tips for at least developing a friendship with this guy?


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  • he's making advances toward you, why don't you welcome them?


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  • Just talk to him. Can you text him? Or talk to him online to help get to know him a little so it's less awkward in person?

    If not you're just going to have to get over it and talk to him, if you want to become better friends with him. Just say 'hey what's up?'. It doesn't have to be an in depth conversation. And you don't have to 'act' like anything. don't play hard to get, that's stupid. Be friendly, and be yourself.

    Some people are more awkward than others, it's okay. Still, be yourself. If he's worth your time, and he's interested, he'll talk to you anyway.