What goes through your mind?

In situations with a girl you like:

1. see her

2. go on a date with her

3. kiss her

4. Are about to sleep with her for the first time


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  • 1. -> I couldn't see her enough

    2. -> I would love to spend intimate time with her alone, to see a totally different side of her

    3. -> If I would stare to long at her lips, I might consider to kiss her...

    4. -> Spending time in each others' arms would be wonderful, but we all know what might happened if we would sleep together to quickly...

    bonus 5. = I would write poems to express my feeling for her on paper that's as long as a a role of toiletpaper ;-)


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  • In case of 1 we think of 2

    In case of 2 we think of 3

    In case of 3 we think of 4

    In case of 4 we are having a huge party inside our heads.

    Sorry, but that's the way we work.

  • i would like to hug her like she is a part of my body and can't be complete without her...


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