GUYS please just tell it to me straight!


Please Don't Be Rude...

im a nice girl...i have a big heart

im pretty popular, I get along well with many people

and I love laughing and making people laugh

im outgoing and love to have fun doing a variety of things

im attractive and in shape (I work out all the time lol)

...oh and I can cook lol (seriously)


i will NOT have sex before I'm married...but I WILL do other things...

oral, rubbing "parts" without clothes (I don't want to be too explicit lol) etc. etc. I can be pretty creative

oh and I don't need people yelling at me about keeping my V card I don't feel like being judged, my reasons for keeping that part of myself for my husband are way too long to list on Yahoo

just please answer me this:

Would you guys mind dating a girl like me?

my values haven't caused me a problem in the past but I'm moving to NYC pretty soon so maybe I'm just wondering.


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  • I see no problem in that whatsoever. I am 20 and have not because I am waiting till I'm married. Not as a religious thing, but as a respectful thing. You don't need to go around doing people then marry someone else. If that is what you want and someone wants to still be with you they should respect your wishes. Other wise find someone who can.

  • Some are fine with it.. some are not.

    Just depends on the guy. Be sure to get it out there in the open if you have a guy this is interested. Becuse if you tell him after you start dateing, it could be a huge problem.

  • I've dated a girl like you before, and it goes fine *IF* you spell it out when things look like they're headed that way. That way, the guys get to decide whether they're going to be happy with that.

    • Why didn't you just say that it didn't work?

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    • Just not for you?

    • It worked for her and me; we were both fine with it.

      I suspect you wouldn't be, given your extraordinary, profound skepticism.

  • Yeah I would mind, Woof Woof. If the oral would be out of this planet I could consider. And you really think that sucking cocks is fine but intercourse with a condom on is so horrific? The funny thing is, that the guy you end up marrying probably won't even care about your virginity, because he loves you. And what if the sex is bad with the guy you end up marrying? What if he expects to get sex regulary but you don't want to because it hurts too much or whatever and then he breaksup ? Then there you are, all broken and with a missing V card.

    PRO TIP: ORAL IS SEX SO YOU AREN'T A VIRGIN ANYMORE IN THE FIGURATIVE SENSE OF THE WORD. You just haven't popped your cherry yet (wich some loose over to a tampon}.

    Here's a funny senario, you tell your man that you're a virgin and then give him oral. He asks how come you're so good at giving head and you reply: Oh I've sucked more dicks then I can count but don't worry hun, I haven't lost my virginity. He sobs silenty: " You kissed me with that mouth of yours? " and then runs away with tears in his eyes.

    • Lol who said I would "suck more dicks than I can count" ?

      you don't think my husband would appreciate the fact that only HE has that part of me

      if I have sex there is nothing I can give him that another man hasn't already had.

      have you heard the saying "women give sex to get love, men give love to get sex" well its more than true...most of the time many women have sex just to keep the guy around to the point where it just becomes a chore for her...or even worse, a tool to get cheap----

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    • "Oh and just for the record, I was just trolling you for my own amusement."

      You are 13.

      Case Closed.

    • Gotta have that last statement.

  • I'd have to say most guys would mind. Sex is all they think about during the day. However, there will be some guys who are fine with it. Me being one of them.

    • But I am doing other things....i don't get what the big deal is..

      oral and everything else wouldn't be enough...Wow do you

      live in NYC

    • Other things are fine with me, hell I like to cuddle! But no, I do not live in NYC...sorry and good luck to you!

    • Thanks for your answer!!

      yeah most guys say they'd be fine with it

      which shows that all men certainly are not dogs : )

      thanks soo much!!!

  • Honest Answer?

    I wouldn't mind at first.

    Then I'd probably get frustrated.

    Your reasons for keeping your V-card couldn't possibly make enough sense to me to keep me around very long.

  • Yes I would mind. Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship but it is important especially when males (and females) have and need to satisfy their sexual urges. I think a lot of guys would mind but would say they don't so they don't look shallow like they are just 'in it for the sex'. It is just natural for us to want sex.

  • im looking for a good girl like u. because I've decided to stop having sex and give my life to God. but from how my friends are and how I USED TO'll be pretty hard to find a guy to respect dat. but da head helps!

  • You're perfect! A guy needs some lovin, and you're willing to do oral, which I would be fine with until I'm married. But saving the last part of you for your husband is what every girl should do. seriously, I wish every girl was exactly like you.

  • No. I don't want oral or anything till I'm married.

    • Well, obviously I want it... But I'm not gonna let myself have it...

  • yup:)

    it kinda depends on what type of guy he is..


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  • I can say from personal experience that you will find that some guys would be patient with it, but others just do not want to deal with that. I was a virgin up until about a month ago, and most guys said they respected that and actually meant it, and some guys said they respected it, but it was quite obvious they didn't. I think it's more of a challenge for guys to wait to have sex with a girl til marriage or after marriage, and not all guys are willing to work towards that cause that's a long time for some guys. You'll know when you meet that guy, though.