Caught in a love triangle, what should I do?

so I'll start with guy 1:

i met him at school, and we're very much attracted to each other. we talk to each other all day, every day and flirt a lot and study together. he's really sweet and funny and cute. and we started dating and it's been going great..

guy 2:

is a guy I met through my (gay) friend. we're new friends, and we basically became fast friends. he's been having problems with his ex girlfriend who he still hangs out (sleeps) with but has no interest in her at all. I often tell him that it's dumb to keep her around and to man up and kick her to the curb. my gay friend told me he had a thing for me and asked if I would be interested in going out with him even though they both know I'm really into guy 1 and I just gave a vague answer. anyway, one night, me, my gay friend and guy 2 were over at guy 2's house, and we were drinking and playing truth or dare and never have I ever, and my gay friend dared me to makeout with him... and it lead to us making out for like an hour... and we ended up sleeping with each other. twice. and after we were done, he was telling me how much he liked me and that he wanted us to get to know each other better and he doesn't mind if I'm into him and guy 1. and I told him I liked him too, but from my past experience (I had a friends with benefits before and got really hurt from it) I told him, it's okay if it's a one time thing, just tell me. and he's like no, I don't want Lauren (his ex gf) and I just said okay. I slept over that night too, and we just talked and kissed a lot. by that time, my gay friend had already left, and called me cheap so he obviously wasn't happy. so, when I left the next morning he was just like "we should call each other or something" and I just said yeah and kept it light and vague. it's been 4 days since that happened and he hasn't called or texted, but my gay friend did just to see what was up with me, so I guess it's blown over now.

i had an okay/awkward date with guy 1, but I still really like him, guy 2, I don't really care for as much as guy 1, but I wonder if he really meant the things he said, which I kinda halfway think he didn't.

what do you think?


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  • What’s wrong with guy 1? If you both like each other there shouldn’t be any question of who is for you.

    Guy 2 seems selfish. He shouldn’t keep a girlfriend around if he has no interest in her. I wouldn’t even try getting involved with Guy 2. I’d forget about Guy 2.