Guys - do you respect a girl more when she tells you goodbye for now or?

Hi - I have been seeing this guys for a few months...things were amazing at first, then he started to act distant and asked if we could slow things down. Since then, I get 1-2 text messages a day from him, then he texted me to say sorry for being distant, and I haven't heard form him in almost two days now...

I feel like I should call him and (nicely) tell him that I don't feel happy with this type of relationship, and he can contact me when he is ready for one, and I can not guarantee that I will be available. The other option is just just play it cool, and see what he does (but, I feel like this will make him think that he can just do whatever he wants).

Any advice/experience you could share would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Call him and talk to him. Communication is key. Tell him how you feel.


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