Why do some people assume internet companionship is silly?

I get a lot of strange looks and people often make me feel silly when I talk about my best friend being someone I've never met who lives several states away. We started messaging each other on a film website, it progressed to IMing, then to texts and occasional phone calls. We've spoken nearly every day for months, and he's been a wonderful friend... helping me deal with all sorts of issues I've been battling. We have nearly everything in common, have superficial AND very deep philosophical conversations, we share our writing with each other... it's the most fulfilling friendship of my life... easily!

It's a true friendship, in the basic sense of the word.

Of course, I'm starting to develop a crush on him, ha ha... but I really think that's just normal and coming out of the fact that NO ONE has really been there for me quite like him; it's harmless, in my opinion.

Why do people tend to regard these relationships as phony? I understand people often get worried about people being dishonest and not being who they say they are, but can't we find that in all relationships?

What are your experiences, if any, with this type of situation?

Why do some people feel this type of companionship is silly or strange?


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  • I have a lot, A LOT,of friends online and I have for 7 years now. Completely understand and agree. I said in another answer that people always say you really don't love a person. You need to live with them, meet them, be with them for years and you'll know when you die together? Really? I'm PRETTY sure I know my feelings better than you do. It's not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of feeling, so people can keep their opinions to themselves. Maybe some people haven't experienced it or they don't take the internet seriously (silly really). I've been doing it so much now that it's just common to me and I really don't care.


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  • Friends can come from anywhere really. They are there for you and help you through some tough times and always up for a few laughs. Personally, I think it is totally fine to have a really good friend that lives across the world or even just a couple cities away from you. They have different views and perspectives of the situation and can give great advice. I have actually met some awesome people online myself, very great people.


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  • I've had online friendships but they are nothing compared to my real life friends. It's totally different. You're not making the same types of memories with them or interacting on the same level. I think you can be really close but not as close :/ idkk

  • My best guy friend whom I never met lives in a different state, we've been friends for 5 years now. Similar situation as you, except I don't like him though. Haha

    I have another friend on here actually that I texted and talked on the phone with quite a few times.. He's really understanding and comedic and he has helped me with some problems I've been having. Also, he helps me look at things from a different perspective.

    You are old enough to know what you're doing. When I tell people about my long distant best friend and they give me a weird look, oh well.. That's all them. If they don't know, that's fine. I don't have to explain it to anyone.

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