What does that mean about me?

I'm an attractive girl I'm nice enough I can get angry at times but its not often. I'm not completely normal but there's nothing wrong with me. I'm smart and I love sex! But I can't find a boyfriend most guys don't even interest me. Some guys do but the last guy I fell for hit me... Is there something wrong with me?

*I'm not into girls.

i can't add a picture but I'm 5'6 about 135lbs I have purple hair and green eyes I have kinda big boobs and hips but I look good.


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  • The problem is that most guys don't interest you and when they do, they're wrong for you. Or, at least, this guy was wrong for you. You have to start looking out for your best interests. Change your standards if you find that most guys end up being asses. If there's something wrong with you - there's something wrong with all of us since this seems to be the norm.

  • can you like post a pic of yourself through a link and let us guys on here decide whether there is something wrong with you...maybe your feet smell who knoes guys hate that lol jk have a sense of humor..:-)


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