Haven't heard from him in 2 days. I texted him Hi! And he didn't respond.

Should I ignore him when he calls or texts? I'm not one for playing games but it seems that he is. We are over 30 by the way


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  • lol he might be like me, who is very inorganized with his texts, like I would get a text and I usually if I am doing something else I might wait to do that thing before doing the texting, you know what I mean?

    How long do you know this guy for? Just recently? Has this happened just recently? we need more info.

    If you have known him for a while and this is just recently: It was either he is just really busy, you did something to p*ss him off or yes he is indeed playing games (not our fault, if we text every time we want we come out as needy or desperate, so we have to time our texts and etc...you can thank your sex for that).

    If this just a recent thing, then off course he its not texting, he doesn't want to seem desperate...


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  • I honestly say you forget about him . . Or he better have a good excuse. When he returns your calls or texts you can either ignore it and do the same ( but than it's like playing kids games and doing the same thing to one another) or you can answer and hope he has a good excuse and an apology

  • Have you seen that movie, he's just not that into you


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  • I don't think he's playing games...Is he?

    I don't see that he is :S

    Don't ignore his calls / texts as there could be a simple explanation as to why he didn't respond.

    I mean, you can't just assume that he is playing games just because he didn't reply to your "hi"

    Maybe he didn't have enough money in his phone to reply back

    Maybe he felt there was no need to reply to just a "hi" (not to be rude, but it's true)

    Maybe he was just busy at the time he read your text, decided to reply to it later but then forgot (it happens)

    C'mon, you can't just ignore the guy just because he didn't reply to one text.

    That's just silly.

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