How often to contact when first hanging out?

Guy I met a little over a year ago, back in the picture. He had a crush on me back then, but I sorta ignored it. He was asking about me through a mutual friend. We started texting it, and then it was non-stop for a week. He confessed to me that he found me attractive. We hung out twice in the past two weeks. We were texting everyday, and he would respond right away. I haven't heard from him in a few days. Just wondering if he's pulling away, or waiting on me to initiate contact? He has been initiating contact, but he ended the text conversation the last time we contacted each other. Not sure what to do. Do I just initiate in a few days or soon? I really don't know what's going on with him or what I want really, but I do enjoy hanging out with him. I don't want to come off desperate, but I also don't want him to think that I don't enjoy his company. Thanks


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  • How often do you initiate the texting conversations?

    Alot of the time this is the problem. Girls don't text the guy first and expect him to text them..

    But that just makes the guy worried he's bothering you or being to clingy..

    So if you don't initiate at least one conversation he's going to back off initiating..

    • He's been doing the initiating, but we were texting alllllllllllll day.

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    • what was the last conversation about? you said he was the one who ended it.. why? what was it about?

    • He responds right away, I just feel like I'm buggin him at work eventhough he says I'm not bothering him. It ended because it was late and he felt he was keeping me awake. We haven't contacted each other since.

      I guess I'm also wondering if he's talking to his ex. My friend said he broke up, but I think it was a recent break up. I don't want to be the rebound. I'm not too sure if I even want anything with this guy, but I do enjoy his company and chatting with him.

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