Why a text 3 days later?

I went on a date with this guy a little less than a week ago. We're in college and he just asked me out of nowhere if I wanted to get something to eat during lunch time. I didn't know it was a date until we went he payed for both of us and later just casually said "that was a nice lunch date." He also told his friends and they were teasing us about it. He told me that he was going to invite me to a party the weekend after. We had 1 more class together after our lunch date and when class was through I just went home like I usually do. The guy was busy talking to our teacher, so I figured I didn't need to wait for him.

I figured he would text me but I thought maybe he was waiting for me so I texted him 2 days later. I didn't get a reply until 3 days later, which wasn't even a reply to my text. He texted me asking about homework. But, the thing is he didn't need to text me about the homework because it's always posted online and I know he checks the website. I texted him back politely even though I was pissed.

When I saw him yesterday he came up to me and started talking like nothing had happened. He didn't mention the date at all, but when I asked him how his weekend went he went into great detail especially explaining how he didn't go to any parties. (which he was supposed to bring me along to)

But, what I don't understand is that one of the things he told me about from his weekend was that he spent the night at his ex girlfriend's house just to see if he could not get caught by her parents. (they weren't doing anything btw) I acted like I didn't care and just kind of listened to what he had to say. He made to sure to mention that they're not dating anymore, he just wanted to be rebellious.

So, I'm utterly confused. I know for a fact he thought the date went well because he made plans with me after. But, I'm wondering if he thought that I was mad that he made it into a date. Because I really don't think he got my text after the date.

And when he was texting me about homework last night, it was like he already knew what it was, he was just texting me to be texting me (maybe to see if I was mad?)

So, do you think he thought I was mad because he made lunch into a date? Since he didn't get my text that meant I was still interested? (it was just "hey what's up?") Was he just testing me by telling me about his ex?

I have no idea what to think because we talked a lot yesterday and he was teasing me a lot like flirting and he told me I can always make him laugh. We talked a ton! So, should I just say, "hey was that a date the other day or were you just screwing with me?" in a funny way, not bitchy. I don't know what to think or say. Help!


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  • Forget about it. Just talk to him when you want and when he talks to you. Don't over analyze it. The date was spur of the moment. If he wants it to be more you'll know. BUT the whole bringing up trying to have sex with his ex to not get caught is just a weird thing to say. So keep your guard up. Sounds like he might just be playing the field. That's what I'm thinking

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