On the lookout for a decent, cute guy?

Well I recently turned 21, and the odd thing about me is that I've never gone on a date with a guy! :( I just feel like I'm getting old, and yes I know I should be more actively looking out for a guy (of course I've met a few cute guys at school but was too shy to take things further).

My mother even told me to find a decent guy and start dating. I mean, I have no objection to that, but I feel like I shouldn't date some guy I know who I'm not even attracted to! For instance, I would hang out with a group of classmates (I'm not entirely close to them, like I don't share much about myself but they are my old friends) and one time one of them hinted that I should go out with a guy in that group. All I thought was "what? But he's too shy!". I'm not even sure if he likes me or not, because he's too shy around girls (all of us played truth or dare before and it was revealed that he has never had a girlfriend before). This sounds kind of mean, but he seems like a loser type of person to me, since he seems like he can't initiate anything with a girl.

So what should I do? I don't want to be desperate, and I'm still on the lookout for a decent, cute guy. And I'm worried that it might be too late for me if I don't start getting the experience, sigh. :(


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  • maybe you look like a loser type to a lot of other people because you never hae gone on a date before. I think it's kind of cruel to think like that when you are in the same position lol . But you shouldn't date a guy you don't like indeed , but are you sure you don't like him ? maybe you just don't know him? A date is a tool to get to know someone , you can always bail out if it's bad :D .

    I don't think it's too late at all , you're still young , although I understand your worries , I'm 19 and never went on a decent date either and I sometimes also have the feeling" I can hear the clock ticking " :p

    It's all about making clear you are single and looking for someone I guess , not beeing too shy to make the first step yourself , and just have fun :D

    • Touche lol. I don't know him very well, but from observing his interests and actions, I know that I will not fall for a guy like him lol! (keep in mind that I'm studying abroad and the culture is different here...I won't say which culture but many people here are obsessed with things I think is strange.) He puts weird Facebook statuses up, no one even understands what he wants to say lol.

    • haha now I want to know wich culture it is ! damn you lol :D

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  • Something tells me that scenario where someone's suggested a guy to you isn't the first time for you. Maybe you need to take a realistic look at where you are in terms of the kinds of guys you're attracting and the kind of standards you're setting to guys?

    • you're right, my friends have suggested some people to me in the past! lol. I remember the first time a friend tried introducing a guy to me, I did make the effort to talk, but he was too quiet and didn't start any of the conversations (I did, however!). A couple of guys in the past seemed okay but they were a lot thinner than me! (I think a girl should at least be thinner or weigh less than the guy right?) lol

    • Honestly, you can either work on your lowering your standards or being alone. It pretty much depends on what REALLY matters to you: having a Boyfriend who loves you but might not fit your standards or being alone with your standards.

  • i'm 23 and never had a girlfriend, if you try online dating you will get hundreds, thousands of messages, and at least you don't have to make the first move

  • I've never been on a date either at 22. Try online dating. As a girl you'll get a bajillion messages.

    • Lol but is that even safe?...

    • Yeah it is. Online dating for the most part is no different than real dating. A guy could be a creeper in either instance. The guy in real life would just be a good actor.

  • well your only options are really to either go get what you want or let whatever comes to you come to you. you don't seem like the type of person to go out and get what you want, so I suppose you will just need to sit back and wait it out to see what happens

    • I think the problem is that there is no one actually initiating anything, so next time when the opportunity comes, I'll have to go and grab it. :p

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