He calls me and says we need to have a talk.

I'll try to be straight to the point as possible...my question is what the hell is he thinking?

-met the guy a few months ago

-we both expressed that we liked each other

-but he's made it crystal clear that he isn't ready for a relationship

-however he's told people that I'm his "girl"

-he calls me every single day to hang out..too much sometimes

but now...i've noticed that I've grown feelings for him & told him I had to stop hanging out with him Because I'm only getting hurt.

we stopped talking for a few days, then he calls me and says we need to have a talk...he comes over just to tell me that he wants to make a friendship work without any sexual tension. SO he wants to stop being sexual with me and work on a friendship...what the hell just happened? He said he values our friendship & doesn't wanna lose it but I feel like there's something he isn't saying...like maybe he found someone else... any advice is greatly appreciated!

totally didn't put it in sexuality wtf sorry guys


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  • I think he wants to keep you close, just in case this other think doesn't work out...I think you should BAIL !


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  • You double posted this - link

    Anyway, from what you've given us, we can't deduce any answer with a drop of certainty. It could be any number of things. Doe it really matter if he found someone else? He still wants to be friends, at least he's not just cut off all contact like some guys do.

    Wait it out and see, soon enough you should find out his reasoning.

    • sorry I double posted because I didn't mean to put it under "sexuality"...but the problem is that I don't want to be friends, I've already fallen for him. I perfectly fine with cutting all contact if he wants someone else...I think its selfish to ask someone to be your friend if you know they have feelings for you

    • Is it any less selfish to pretend to like someone more than a friend just so you avoid getting in trouble?

  • When a guy wants to stop having casual sex with a girl it's usually because he's really bored of her or he's found someone else.


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  • Sorry to say...he may have just been using you...and found someone else but is keeping you on the line...

    • that sounds about right, I'm okay with that. I just can't understand why the heck he won't let me go. I don't even wanna know him anymore. when we had the "talk" he said I can't cut him out of my life and I can't delete him off Facebook lol stupid right

    • Very stupid...he sounds a little over controling and you might want to cut him out now so he doesn't become a stalker...it sounds like he's at the starts of it (contexed by the not ALLOWING you to deleat him off Facebook or what ever)

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