Have you ever been in the situation that two guys asked you out at the same time?

At my University there's some kind of Christmas formal in December and there's this one guy that asked me out and I told him I had to see if I was working, because I did.

And in between this other guy asked me out. And now I can go to the dance but I don't know with whom.

I get one school Dance is not a live long commitment and I'm not in love with either of them. But it's still so difficult, I don't want to hurt either of their feelings. How am I supposed to make that decision?


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  • At the exact same time? How does that happen? Usually one person already is talking to her when the other barges in. Are we talking out on a date or like boyfriend g/f? If it's just a date, then what's the problem? Schedule them on different days, no harm in dating around.

    • no of course there was time in between but they both asked me out for Christmas formal and which is only one day

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    • but I didn't say yes

    • Then go with the guy you wanted to. :)

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  • I would go with the guy that asked you first because he did ask you first. Tell the second guy that you have already been asked by another guy and he was just a little to late. I hope that helps.