Totally confused, what does he want?

me and this guy have been talking for 7 months... we both we previously in 3+ year relationships that ended bad. we go out to dinner, you stay over his place, things like that. we do sleep together, but not every time. we both are extreamly busy with college and work and such... lately (past month or so) he started calling a lot more like before he would go to work and when he got off...just showing he cares...but when friends ask if we are "together" he says no.. he has told me before he doesn't have the time for a serious relationship... and I said I understood and I agreed... I told him I wasn't looking to b by hiIs side 24/7 ... but that's when the calls began to happen more. also like he is such a cuddle bug...we will b watching a movie and if I'm not close enuf he ll pull me closer and say "that's better" lol idn I've nvr had this. we are both over 21 advice?


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  • He wants a relationship without it being a relationship. Why? So he can feel at ease if he were to walk away at anytime or meet someone else.

    Talk to him about what YOU want.

    The two of are you boyfriend-girlfriend (from what you describe) in every way except the "label". Ask him why he doesn't want to simply add the label? Is he afraid to commit incase something better comes along?


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  • Sounds exactly like my sitch, except we're going on just a month. Yes, advice please! Lol.