He is just not that into me ?

I am in a new school and we are making a project. We are four (3 girls and a guy ) people in a group and my group mates know each other already.

All of them think that I am weird and crazy. But the guy ( I think I am falling for him) , while we are alone ,keeps telling me that he likes my weirdness and that my personality is unique.

He also keeps looking at me while I am doing something or even nothing. He wants to know what I am thinking when I am saying nothing or when I look concentrated (- but I always say nothing).

And some days ago he had a date, and before that date we had a project meeting. After the meeting he offered me to drive me home, I said no thanks - but he tooked my hand and pulled me ( softly) to his car. He had to borrow some horror movies for his date and I went with him to the video store and he asked me about my opinion and he took my suggestion.

His answer to all of my suggestions was : " wow you know a lot about movies, we have to watch some together"

And after a while the same again... We have to...

I just nodded and he said : " I mean only if you want to ".

Well we are having some pretty good conversations when we are alone, he tells me about personal stuff and (since the video store) hugs me goodbye.

I am not really experienced in guys stuff, so what do you think am I the buddy or does he like me.

And what should I say to his question : " what are you thinking ?"

( sorry for my bad English I am from a non English speaking country )


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  • You can say you are thinking happy thoughts to him when he ask you what you are thinking. I think the guy likes you. Take things slow and go with the flow. Hang out with him and get to know him more. He keeps fliritng wih you and I think you and him should watch movies and hang out and see what happens.


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