I feel like I come last?

There is this guy who is my friend we dated for a bit, I have known him for 7 years we used to be really close but these last few weeks we hardly speak to each other, well it's cause we had an argument over something cause he lied even though he said he didn't but in the end I found out that I was right, he still thinks he hasn't done anything wrong. So I stopped talking to him for two months as I can't stand liars. He did text me out of the blue and stuff like he does every now and again but not much, so I text him saying that I'm fed up with us having arguments and that we should chat on the phone and talk it through, he said OK, but he never called me. So am I a fool for thinking that we could at least be friends again, maybe he doesn't want to know me? Or he has moved on as he was on Facebook chatting to some girl he is obsessed with which was kinda the problem we fell out. So why does he even bother texting me if he can't be bothered? I feel like I come last or something! It's kinda hurtful it's like he doesn't want me to forget him


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  • he's seems to that type that likes to keep his options open, but then again . . . I only know him through what you wrote.


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