Is this a date or not?

So this girl I met in my aerobic conditioning class this semester and I are going to our city's Saturday market sometime soon. It is just us and she proposed the idea. We were having a conversation over Facebook on her photo comments when she gave me her number and said I should text her sometime, which lead to all this.

So just as a guesstimate, would you guys consider this a date or not?


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  • That sounds like a date to me :)

    She will probably give you hints on the day and then you will be sure whether it is a date or not.

    • thanks! but what hints would these be?

    • Well, I don't know whether she's shy or not but if she smiles a lot during the day, tries to know a lot more about you, that could be hints.

      I know that sounds clich? but if she touches you slightly (like, on the arm), that could mean something too !

      My best advice would be not too try to rush into things, enjoy the day and make sure to suggest before she leaves that the two of you should meet again. And you could suggest something more romantic (like a movie ?) and see how she reacts :)

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