How to ask a girl out?

How to ask out a girl who you are an acquaintance with?

I want to go up to her after class and ask her out. (Both in college, known her for last 2 years from high school) I want to tell her I think she is beautiful and that I want to go out with her, but I am not sure how to phrase it to her. Any advice on what to say or if I should do it at all. She does not seem to be one of those girls that has guys going to her all the time saying how beautiful she is. We have talked before but never had a one on one conversation. I'm very shy and every time I think about telling her this or talking to her one on one about anything, I get nervous as sh*t.


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  • I'm actually in a similar situation. I know it sucks. Anyway, try and make small talk with her. I know, easier said than done, but talk about class, homework, anything. Then, maybe after a couple chats you can start making them more personal like about mutual friends, maybe events that are coming up like football games, etc. Then after that you can say something like "a few friends of mine are going to ________. You and your friends should come." Maybe it'll work on the first try, if not then invite her and her friends out somewhere else.

    Anyway, hopefully this helps. Good luck!

    Oh, by the way, as nice as it is to tell a girl that she is beautiful, WAIT! Leave that for a more appropriate time.


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  • Don't mention that she's beautiful, save that for another time. Just ask her out. Whether she goes or not is not going to be influenced by whether you think she's beautiful.

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