Why does he ignore me?

Why does this guy ask me to hook up with me every few months and then ignore me?

I have never had sex with this guy before. I got to know him from nights out and we kissed whenever we both happened to be out. After the first time we kissed, which was nearly a year ago at this stage he started texting me for a few weeks and asked me to meet up with him. I did and it became clear that he was only interested in sex, however I did not sleep with him.

He then stopped contact and I presumed it would be the last I would hear of him but a few months later he starts texting me again asking me to meet up. I said I was busy and he stopped texting again. Then after another few months he got back in contact and asked me to meet up. I said I would but he cancelled. This happened twice in two weeks then he stopped contact again!

I saw him out two weeks ago and we ended up kissing. He texted me later asking if I would be interested in seeing him again. I said maybe... and I haven't heard from him since!

What is up with this behavior? Why does he bother asking to hook up if he never goes through with it? I'm not that into him so it doesn't upset me. What benefit is it giving him as I have never actually given him sex? Why doesn't he just get over it? Any ideas?


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  • My interpretation would be that he has a long list of women he sees (or attempts to see) and the ones that put out are the ones he texts the most. I think he knows you will not "put out" and he figures "why waste my time with her". In actuality, you are the type of person that a serious man would love to get to know! You are handing this the way a person should handle this, and any mature person would question his behavior. If a person makes a commitment to meet someone on a date, they should honor that commitment. My opionion would be that if you were to try to have a meaningfull relationship with this guy, he would only be around when he wanted, not when you need him. He hasn't matured yet as a person and sounds like he's pretty wishy washy! I'd beware of this kind of communication with persons such as he. Just an opinion! ;)


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