When to call girl?

I met this girl a few months ago, and we've been talking for the last month or so. We've made out a few times, been on a few dates, but the problem is that I'm almost always the one calling/texting her. She always responds to my texts and picks up my calls, but she practically NEVER initiates. Some Background: she's pretty shy, and she dated the same guy for ~6 years before I met her. (I'm 100% certain he's not in the picture anymore).

My question is do I play it cool and wait for her to contact me next, or do I keep calling her and initiating everything? I'm wondering how long before I just cave and call/text her - and if I should worry about the lack of communication. Thoughts?


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  • She is probably just playing hard to get. The guy is supposed to text/call the girl first anyway. If she is anything like the rest of us girls, if you stop calling or texting her she will drive herself crazy wondering why. So don't stop! just make sure you don't drive her crazy!haha Goooood luck :)


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