Who started the conversation?

okay, I've always wanted to answer this question even though it sounds kind of silly.

say you texted somebody. and they didn't respond for like hours, I'm talking 2-4. did they text me first, or did i? and how about if they don't text back until the next day? did they text you first or is it a response to your text that you sent the previous day. I'm just curious :)


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  • If it's the 2-4 hours I'd say they definitely just responded and you started the conversation. If it's a day later and it's about the same topic as the day before you still started the conversation, if it's a completely different topic the other person started the conversation.

    • what if you just said "hi" or "hello" and they responded the next day with Hi?

    • Then it's debatable, sometimes it'll be a response, sometimes it won't. But just to be sure, take it as a response. I'll give you a tip while we're at it: Never ever just text "Hi" or "Hey", and don't text people to just ask them what is up, always have something interesting to say and to keep a conversation going because otherwise you'll almost always have boring standard conversations and that isn't much to be looking forward to :)

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