Never chase after a guy?

So today my mom told me that a big rule for a girl is to NEVER chase after a guy. She said guys like girls that are nice and sweet, but a girl should never approach a guy and that they like it when you play hard to get. Is that true? Also, she said when she was young, a girl never called a guy, the guys always approached first. Is that still true? My friend just got in a fight with her boyfriend because he said he liked someone elses. She told my mom and my mom said that was very rude and the guy was just tring to see her reaction and that guys do that alot. Is that also true? Idk. I guess just advice and tips would be fine answers. thanks!(:


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  • Nah , you can approach guys just as much as guys appraoch girls it's just conservative thinking on your moms side... It's normal that a guy is upset when his girlfriend tells him she likes someone else , wouldn't you be if your boyfriend told you he liked someone else more than you ?

    sorry to say it , but your mother isn't giving you the best advice...


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  • 'when SHE was young'

    2011...not the 1960s. :p

    girls can/should approach guys. and...sure, some guys do play games, some don't.

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