Relationship with friend?

So when I got back from a deployment from afghanistan, my best friend introduced me to many girls who he worked with. We all became good friends and throughout the summer we went to the beach, house parties, bonfires, or we would just hang out. One girl in particular I began to fall for. Well she was in a relationship. We would both flirt and do playful things together at parties for ex: pillow fights. I never pushed the envelope as I am very respectful towards others relationships. Well after the summer she broke up with her boyfriend after roughly a 2 year relationship. About 5 days later I get a call from my best friend about how she likes me and that if I ask her out her best friend is 99% sure she will say yes. Clearly I'am the rebound guy. So their is another girl I could call and go out on a date with who I just got her number which I no nothing about her. Or try with this girl, but I'm afraid to ruin the friendship. All in all is it a bad idea or not? Any type of advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I need some help asap thanks!


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  • You should go out with this girl you like. Are you a rebound or not? You will never know unless you hang out with her and see how she acts, talks with you. Give it a shot :)


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