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This guy deleted my number over differences we had, we both liked each other and all but it didn't work out. Anyway I called him just to talk and see if we could start on a fresh page he seemed fine but later I found he still deleted my number so I forgot about him. A few months passed and we casually bumped into each other, he gave me his number and told me to text him so I did, also wrote my name in it and text to save my number, he actually seemed pleased. I would like to at least be friends but I don't know. I want to find out if he saved my number by sending him a text and not writing my name, if he says who's this? I'll have my answer, he's not interested. The question is, should I go ahead with this plan to find out?


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  • What do you have to loose exactly?

  • He probably was happy to see you, sometimes it takes guys time to get over a disagreement, ego you know. Don't play games with the guy or give tests to see if he likes you. Believe or not we are not oblivious to girls tests and game playing, just say hello and go from there, announce yourself. If you play games or test him then he might do the same, where does that lead to, more game sand uncertainty.

    • Thank you for your advice :)

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