Which girl should I choose as a girlfriend?

There are two girls that could be my girlfriend.

Number 1: This is the girl I like the most, she is very good looking but the thing is I don't know if she likes me. She gives me a lot of mixed signals which confuses me quiet a lot. When I met her, she was friendly and flirty and I honestly swore that she was into me, only for her to ignore me every time that I would try to talk to her later on. I though she didn't like me after that, BUT she would always look at me, she would give me flirty smiles, once she got closer to me so I would talk to her. She has gotten mad at me for ignoring her. I don't really know her that well to be honest, we don't hang out and we stopped all together...But when we ran to each other I get that thing that I don't get with many people and I think she wants me to talk with her as well...finally after ignoring me for so long.

Number 2: With #2 we actually had a thing for some time, but then she broke up with me, because she said I was too intense. She however she came back to talk to me, so now she is doing the chasing. She hasn't tell me that she was wrong but I know she knows that she was and I know for sure that she likes me (she did tell me that). She is always inviting me to go out or asking me to hang out and what not, she buys me food if I ask her and she is always looking after me. She is not as attractive as the first one though, but she is cute.

If you were me which one would you pick?


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  • Follow your heart instead of what people say ;)

    Don't choose someone because people say it's the best choice, they don't know everything, how much details you wanna post here, we'll never know everything.

    I do wanna give you some advice:

    1: if you think that "girl number one" (what sweet petnames btw!) doesn't like you, why don't you try to find out instead of backing off?

    2: you went out with "girl number two" but she broke up with you, why in the name of God would you wanna be together again with someone who already dumped you? Unless something has changed, getting back together with an ex is a stupid mistake in my opinion...


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