The online dating dilemma again?

I made a profile on an online dating site a while ago just for the heck of it. I had the mindset of "meh, I'm not getting any younger, let's see if there's anything good on here." I didn't even try very hard on my "about me," but for some reason I was getting a lot of feedback. Well this one guy and I started having a good conversation, so we exchanged phone numbers, and then we went out to dinner. We both had a good time.

Well this is where I get stupid. Shortly after our date, I realized that I don't want to participate in online dating. The main reason is I can't bring myself to tell my friends and family I went to the internet to meet boys. It's a little embarrassing and pretty unromantic.

I hid my profile so more guys can't message me, but the guy I went out with and I are still in contact. He wants to go out again... he seems to like me a lot. He's a good guy and I wouldn't mind getting to know him more, but I just don't know what I'm gonna tell people. I know I'm being stupid and if he likes me and I like him then it shouldn't matter. I shouldn't deny myself the potential for a good relationship just because of how we met. But I can't get this worry out of my head.

Have any of you tried online dating? Did you meet anyone? How did you tell people you met someone on the internet? Any thoughts/opinions/advice? Thanks!


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  • hmm you are a little bit ashamed of meeting someone through a modern way ... You think it's unromantic , well it's a total stranger who you meet through tiny bits of metal copper and a whole lot of other stuff , and you end up liking each other , I could make a bestselling romcom out of that ! You didn't go on the internet to 'meet boys' , you did it because you wanted to meet that one special person ;-)

    and in the end , you have met him in real life , so it's not online anymore :)

    I would say ,be happy! And those who criticize are most often those who are still single and can't find a girlfriend/boyfriend because they are too afraid to try online dating ...

    But I know what you mean , I didn't try it before because I give myself some more time to do it 'the normal way' but when I haven't found someone in this year , I'm going to try it too . It's just a stereotype that online is the 'last option' and only the desperate go there . But in fact to me it seems like a way better way to meet someone you really like than in 'real life' !

    and on the romantic part : I know a lot of people that meet in a bar or a club , slightly drunk , and asking their name and number .. that's less romantic than online I guess ..


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  • I know tons of people who are good looking, successful, good careers, date a lot offline as well, who ALSO use online dating. One of my coworkers (a 6'4 semi pro tennis player who focused on programming) ended up marrying a girl he met through a dating site (cute Asian girl who owns her own law firm). These people are not desperate losers. There are a ton of 'normal' people using online dating.

    • Thanks so much! Yeah after my first 'online dating' phase, my guy friend was like "...I didn't think you were the kind of girl who would need to resort to the internet." And I was like, errr I didn't really "resort" to it... But anyways thanks for the encouragement!

  • I've tried online dating. It's a 50/50 crapshot because you have to wade through the heaps of inappropriate messages and joke / scammer / troll profiles. But the dozen or so people I've met in real life from online were just as nervous as anybody else about online dating.

    But if you meet someone genuine via online, and you're too embarrassed to see the relationship through, YOU'RE PERPETUATING THE PROBLEM with the online dating stigma.


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