Can someone help me with my game with girls please!

OK, so I see so many beautiful girls out there. And a lot of them are with average looking guys. And I have friends who are also average looking, and they always get laid by different girls.

Now me, I can't seem to get a girl to save my life. Its not that I'm ugly, or a slob or anything. I'm actually good looking, have good hygiene and dress very well. Also, I'm very nice, and can have a girl leaving the convo smiling. But I can't get laid for sh*t!

I don't understand.

Also, it seems like the girls approach all my friends, or give them obvious hints.

Now, the only place I really see all this girls is in college. I don't know what to do.

Can someone help me.


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  • It's not just about getting laid. But if that's all you want, go to a girl with pure confidence, act like a cocky di*k and be somewhat of a jerk. then give her a compliment and walk away. She'll be dazed and confused, and the next time you see her she'll be doing everything to get your attention.

    • does tht really work?

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    • now lemme ask you this, if you also wanted to get laid, would it work on u?

    • Yeah, but I'd want a serious relationship before I'd ever do anything like that!

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