Believe or not to believe?

So my friend likes this guy and most of time he'll text her right back...But like twice when she texted him he didn't reply at all...Then a week later they started texting again and he asked her why she hadn't text him and she said I did...And his response was I didn't get it your text..(that happened like twice now)...So should she believe him?


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  • Good god, its just txting relax. You know a sure fire way to talk to someone? Call! It irritates the hell out of me when I'm driving, working on a car, or doing some other activity and I get "Hey", "What are you doin", " Fine, ignore me" In five effin minutes. Other times you should realize that some texts don't require or merit a response such as "whats up" This is not a question I take seriously. These are texts we feel are unimportant and can be answered anytime.

    So take it how it should be, just a simple note that didn't get returned right away. Its fine.

    • So what are text that you do take seriously?

    • Something that requires an actual answer such as "Do you wanna do something tonight" not to be confused with "What are you doing tonight" I would only answer the first question. Anything more direct and to the point would merit an answer sooner than later. Maybe if I'm not busy I would answer to something like " Did you see that episode of ect ect last night?" or "Did you hear about so and so?" Things with points are more likely to get an answer,

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