How to lead ?

Enough of yielding to my friends, being their puppet remembered only when required and disposed off like trash.

Now I want to lead them. I wanna come as strong ,stronger, bigger, dominating, overpowering...

Guide me !

Tell me tricks and trade !

I can't render myself to this ruthlessness.

I cuts deep in my heart .


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What Guys Said 1

  • Just stop doing what you don't like doing, and you'll probably start leading. If your friends treat you like crap, don't hang out with them, that kind of thing.

    • Even if that leaves me totally alone.

      People around aren't that good.

    • I thought this entire question was about not yielding to them? You choose, possible be alone (of course chances to make new and better friends will come) or stay with them and be angry and sad.

What Girls Said 1

  • There are people who lead, and there are people who are led. Someone who is dominating and overpowering probably wouldn't be submissive enough to just let someone walk all over them. You have to change yourself so you will be big enough not to take advantage of others, but not be a bully either. Good luck