Relationship has stalled, advice?

Hello everyone!

I am 23 years old. People can't get along with me very well, cause I am pretty cynical and sarcastic. They always say I am being very negative about everything.

I met a girl in my university. She is 22.

We kinda hooked up, cause we are simmilar in a way. We don't like social gatherings, parties etc. We want to reserve our private space and become very irritated when someone tries to simply break into our space. However I am an extrovert (yes, I am, although I hate parties - because I don't like dumb behavior and lame people) in general, while she is an introvert.

We have been on several dates, kissed and cuddled. But that's it. She sometimes minds if I kiss her. She doesn't like to do it in public. She doesn't want her parents to know about us, she wants to keep it all secret. She hates being questioned by friends and so on. that's why she doesn't see future. We both Haven't had relationships prior to this ( ZING!). She won't come to my place, cause that means she would have to lie to her parents (she doesn't lie in general, which I suspect to be not true). She is also part-Christian and believes in sex after marriage from her own (not Biblical) perspective. She has her principles - I don't like them, because she can't explain them. I can't understand her (which is really weird, cause I generally see through people - the reason why I don't like them in general). She told me that she goes out with me because she likes the way I care about her and how ambitious and gentle I am. Yet I see no future for this relationship if this continues (her avoidant style).

And when she doesn't want to kiss me, I just have to grab her buttocks. Then she does it more passionately.

It looks like she behaves in this relationship from a textbook and does everything wth her mind.

I am leo, she is aquarius. We have been going out for more than a month.


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  • When my car stalls I use jumper cables but I wouldn't advise you use that on your relationship... unless you're into REALLY kinky stuff.