Does he want to hang out with me?

i asked the guy I like to hang out again and he said yes and I said Monday or Thursday cause we are both busy on other days he said 'ok cool I will see how I go'

i think he does wanna hang or he would not reply right? just not 100% he is excited what do you all think? by the way we have hanged out before.

thank you for all answers.


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  • Well I think you guys are doing great?


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  • Stop being so paranoid, relaax. If you haven't felt him so excited maybe he's acting difficult. One question though you've asked him to hang out the last times too? If it is a yes, it could be that you're pressuring him, just relax

    • yes I asked last time he said yes and we did hang out!

    • Ok, go out this time and leave it to him to ask you out next time. If he does he is interested!