He never just stops talking to me in the middle of a conversation, should I be worried?

When we are having a text conversation, he never stops the conversation. It is to the point where I have to tell him that I am going to bed now and to have a good night or I feel bad that I have just stopped talking to him. Even when he is out with his friends he will continue talking, he takes longer to respond but that is OK, he doesn't want to be rude to his friends. Yesterday he just stopped in the middle of the day and I don't know what to think. I know most guys communicate like this and I accept that. This guy is different and that is why I like him. Should I ask if something wrong? He knows I like him too, I am not playing games with him or running hot and cold. It is such a big change in behavior, I don't know what to think. He sends me messages every morning and they continue from there till we see each or one of us, usually me goes to bed.

I waited a few days then sent him a quick text saying hi how are you on. Then the next day I left a phone message asking if everything is OK. The phone message was yesterday. I still haven't heard from him. Like I said it was totally out of character for him. Anyway why can't guys just tell us they aren't interested anymore. Most of us can handle that. It's this just cutting contact thing that completely sucks because we don't know what to think.
I really liked him and thought he was different. Glad to find out sooner then later though.


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  • Aww, don't worry. There are so many reasons for people to just stop texting. You can't internalize it and make it about you. He may have fallen asleep, he may have gotten busy with homework or something, maybe his phone died and he can't find his charger, maybe he's having a serious conversation on the phone or something...there are a ton of possibilities that don't indicate he doesn't like you.

    I don't always reply with the speed of lightening when I text and some guys take it personally, when they shouldn't. fyi, your behavior is a little clingy..you might want to try and control that because it can be a turn off

    • Neither one of us rushes to reply I mean we take hous sometimes to reply to each other that is probably why our conversations go on for so long but it just completely stopped in the middle of the day yesterday and I haven't heard from him since. It is totally out of character.

    • don't freak out. don't text him asking what's up with it because he may just have something going on Just wait today then call him tomorrow and ask how he's been

  • Why should you be worried? I'm the same way, I text people until they are going to bed or whatnot. Just to keep busy, not for any special reason. Just to talk.

    • But he all of a sudden just stopped yesterday and that is not like him.

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    • Well, maybe he had something eargent to do and wasn't able to get back to you.

    • He always gets back eventually.

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