Ever dated a person with an identical twin?

Have any of you ever been in a serious relationship with person who has an identical twin?

How are you attracted to one twin and not the other?

I'm not saying that identical twins are exactly the same.. far from it in fact..

But does the fact that a person finds one twin attractive and not the other mean that (in my friend's words) "Cute guy.. Opens his mouth and can't hold a convo with me? then the impact of looks kinda fade and I can't get away fast enough"..

In short looks aren't everything?.. Like if the guy/girl isn't drop dead gorgeous or rather you didn't find them attractive to begin with (Not sayin you found them revolting or completely un- agreeable)... But as you got to know them you were surprised how attractive you eventually find them..

I'm thinking out loud here.. Might sound like rambling :p..


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  • The first guy I actually dated when I was like 17 had an identical twin. I only met his brother a few times though. They were very different in personality, and my boyfriend was way skinnier than his brother who didn't work out.

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