Should I ask him to hang out?

The guy I like smiles at me a lot and we have flirty conversation, but he's pretty nice to everyone. I do catch him staring at me sometimes and he always wants to help me so should I ask him out or is he just flirting?

he is actually seeing somebody :( but I didn't do anything, I found out first.


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  • if you feel like you gotta ask him then go for it but make sure he's already out make it like a hang out thing and turn it into a date guys go for that the most when there the shy type

    • ha ha how could I turn it into a date?

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    • So true this is a good way to feel things out without making things too awkward. This is how me and my current girlfriend got together. You can turn it into a date by kissing him good night. Depending on the climate of where you live you can say you're cold so he'll hold you and warm you up. Sounds like he's totally into you.

    • ha ha that's good news :)

      i don't know how "daring" I am as far as kissing him lol

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  • Its up to you, but it would be nice if girls start chatin up guys for a change.


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