Competing with another guy for a girl I like?

Hello all, thank you for your time and responses.

Here is my situation: I recently met this girl through mutual friends that I really like. We have met in the past, but she was seeing someone else at that time. Now, she had JUST split from her ex boyfriend, and on top of that, her ex boyfriend was kind of a crazy. She filed for a restraining order against him as he would follow her around and cause drama, so they split.

Considering that they dated for 2 years, I knew that the FIRST thing she would want to do is go out with her friends and be single for a while after being tied down for so long with a bad guy. But now, I just got word that through out mutual friends, someone is trying to hook her up with another guy. And she may like him, They only had lunch, but who knows.

Ladies and Gents, what should I do? Should I wait or should I contact her and start talking with her, put my name in the hat and hope she likes me enough to get to know me a bit. I actually really liked her and hope that I get a chance to at least have coffee or something so she can get to know me. I didn't mean to be too late, I was just trying to give her time to get over the ex. Thanks again.


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  • Dude go for it. Chances are she's not over her ex yet, so even if she hooks up with this new dude it probably won't work out. You should just start hanging out with her more and use this time to get close with her. Then when this other dude falls through, you'll be right there.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah definitely try to go out with her on a little date. The longer you wait the more likely she will find someone else.