What's your name again?

Hi please help me on this one I don't get it ! :

I met a guy at a party he was being very flirty and seemed interested in knowing me more. We had good time at the party just talking relax and fun. He asked for my number so I gave it to him. About two days later he texts me and asks me to go out but I couldn't but we exchanged some texts, talked a little bit. Couple of days after he texts me again to go out but I still could not. Then one night we had common friends party and we both went there. At first he was being nice with me and making compliments etc. I met one of his friends that night and this friend already knew my name, so I figured he told them my name. What bothers me is that later he just came to me and asked me "whats your name again?". He seemed serious.

So I don't get it I felt a bit insulted because he seemed interested in me and messaging me he probably could see my name. I feel like he said that on purpose to be mean or something.

I would like you guys opinion on that ? Is it rude ? Is it on purpose ? Could he just simply have forgotten ?

thanks for answering :)

(( By the way all this was in less then 2 weeks period ))


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  • he could have forgotten it , he could do it on purpose , to be a little bit more hard to get , as he seemed a little bit desperate asking you twice and you couldn't go twice...

    don't think it's rude , it's not like he ignored you and he's still interested otherwise he wouldn't have approached you -again-

    maybe you should ask him out now :)

  • he just wants to hit it and quit it


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