When should I ask her to be my girlfriend?

So I'm a 16 year old guy, and I started talking to this girl a few weeks ago, and we really got along well. So far we've been out on one date so far, and we're going on another this Friday. When would it be okay to ask this girl to be my girlfriend, and not seem like I'm rushing anything.


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  • The "right" time to ask someone to be in a (serious) relationship with you is when

    1) you both know what exactly you want in life

    2) both have known each other well enough and for a decent period of time (preferably at least a year)

    3) both of you already know where you are heading to in a relationship

    4) both of you are ready to commit

    5) both of you are ready for a relationship

    6) both of you know what it takes to make a serious relationship work

    7) both of you don't have any personal problems to solve for the moment

    8) both of you are able to live with each other, share the same core values in life, if not compromise each others' differences. (e.g. religion restrictions)

    9) both of you are compatible

    Whilst I can't given you a fix "right" time to ask her out, take your time to get to know her, observe her and explore whether you are up for it. Personally asking her to be in a relationship with you before the Xmas holidays will be too soon. Don't get attached to her too soon for the moment.


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  • Well you could ask her on your date Friday. See what she says... Good luck... :)

  • it's only been one date but your'e going to have another one, and if that goes well, ask her at the end of the second date

  • Ask her when you feel ready. You will know when to ask. You could tell her that if she needs more time to see if she likes you the way you like her you are willing to give her time. That will release some of the stress for her and she won't feel rushed. Also, be patient. Good luck and don't forget to make her smile and respect her. :)


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  • You shouldn't ask her; she should ask you. And you've only had one date; it's way too early to be talking about a relationship. You'll need more like 8-10 dates.

  • encourage You to ask Her this question...


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