I can't find a girlfriend?

I have plenty of friends, male and female. Nice car,job, clothes etc. I talk to a ton of girls.face to face and on like Facebook. I am not shy and I can easily have a good time. but for some reason I can't find a girlfriend what's up with that?


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  • re evaluate where you are, what are some things you can change to make yourself better?


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  • Why do I have no gf? Possible reasons:

    You're unattractive

    Your personality sucks

    You're not interesting

    You suck at building emotional connection

    You suck at being sexually appealing

    You're attracted to girls who aren't attracted to you

    You're generally incompatible with the girls you're attracted to

    You have high standards

    You have tough standards

    ^ difference from high standards is that they are slightly more realistic just difficult to get. Like an average guy (5) wanting an above average looking girl (6-7) is having tough standards. Having high standards would be wanting an hot girl (8-9).

    for some reason I can't find a girlfriend what's up wiht that? I see you listed a lot about you yet little about what you have done to find a gf.

    • this is right on chica! good comment!

    • well* I talk to people at school like people in my classes esp people I might now have met before in say another class. I go out a lot like nightclubs and flirt around. I hang with my friend when he is with his girlfriend so I meet her friends sometimes too

    • That's more like socializing then trying to find a romantic partner.

      Have you tried asking girls out, getting set up by family, getting set up by friends, getting set up by your friends of the girlfriends your guys have, singles events, online dating?

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  • You didn't fill out the correct paperwork at the girlfriend dispenser. You need to file form 2A, not 3C.

    Or you could, you know, ask girls you like on dates.

    • I'm not sure about the paperwork part since I'm unfamiliar with the regulations in your local county/municipality, but the second part is a good point. Tried it?

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    • Not you, him!

      But good strategy nonetheless, keep it up.

    • yeah rite? haha

  • Well udollpixie basically said it all but I was thinking that maybe your personality sucks or maybe they just aren't attracted to you.