Can you get too comfortable in a relationship?

Ive been with my boyfriend for just over a year now and I think we have both got too comfortable.

When we first got together everything was so exiting, we both made more of an effort to look good for each other, we would spend all night talking to each other, surprise each other ;) and just generally do more thing together.

Now we just seem to sit in and watch tv, and eat food!

Does anyone else feel the same?


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  • I can only speak from my own experiences but

    things will definitely slow down. In the beginning of my relationships, I'm so nervous all the time that I would die if it continued forever. Due to my nervousness, I'm always trying to out do myself (sometimes this blows up in my face). However, as I get more comfortable, I stop driving myself crazy and be more myself.

    I don't mean that I don't go all out on special occasions but things do settle down.

    So to answer your question, yes. but I think the important thing is to still have those nights out once in a while (which may not always be possible because of money/job issues)

    • things will slow down if you guys are always around each other. the best thing to do is give each other some type of distance. Once someone "has you" they get used to you very quickly thus eliminating the "spark". So just do the opposite...give him space a little more and allow him to miss you. That will rekindle that flame that you are losing. Relationships die down after sex is involved very quickly too. Just try to keep things exciting when you guys are out but give him space afterward :)

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