How do I know if she wants me to kiss her?

ok so me and this girl have great chemistry and we both like each other were to dinner and a movie. and I really want to kiss her to seal the deal that we like each other. what kind of signs (girls do you give when you wish to be kissed and (guys), when do you know it's the right time?


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  • Well, obviously depends on the girl. If she's shy, she'll probably just look at you a lot and get closer. If not, she'll start looking into your eyes, getting dangerously close lol, and running her fingers through your hair. Believe me, you just know. Go for it! The worst thing that can happen is that she leans away or whatever, but keep it light and don't worry about it too much. Start slowly, hold her, maybe kiss her forehead, and then you'll likely get all kinds of signs as to whether or not she's ready.

    Good luck!

    • Hey I jus wanted to thank you and yes it was a date and we'd been cuddling for a for while in the theatre and right when I was about to make the movie she turned around and kissed me! it was a huge turn on and it was my first kiss and so amazing and pure. thanx for your insight it helped me get my first kiss and makeout session.haha

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