If a guys wants me to eat with his friends....?

The guy I've been somewhat talking to...

really wanted me to eat with him and his friend tonight. But I'm just not comfortable with meeting new people randomly like that and I just had too much to do. So I told him I wanted to eat alone with him some other time when I had more time. He sounded really disappointed and kept asking if I was sure, and that his friends will think that I hate them...?

I don't know what this means... He already told his friends that I will dine with them without telling me beforehand?

IDK hit me up boys!


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  • ? you sound just like my girlfriend, just go and stop being so 16 years old.

    • uhhh... OK I kinda would have gone but I was just busy. What I wanna know is if he asked because he wanted his friends to meet me, or because he didn't want to eat one on one with me... because honestly at times I feel like he's not fully engaged when we're 1:1

    • he wanted to have a good time with you and his friends at the same time. Or want some alone time with him? Well go over his house after dinner and see if you like where it's going.

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  • just go and you might just end up enjoying yourself I liked this guy and he introudced me to his guy friends and invited me to lunch and they were actually cool its not as bad as we would imagine it to be I've made plans to each lunch with them everyday know and I switch between them and my girl group when I eat lunch .