How much time do you spend with your significant other?

I was just wondering how much time people spend with their significant others. I just recently started dating this guy, and we don't spend very much time together, I was just wondering if you spend more time with them the longer you've been in the relationship. How much time do you think boyfriends/girlfriends should spend together?


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  • In my experience it usually works that way. Max time I spent with someone was every other day and that was when we were engaged and getting ready to move in with each other. At the beginning of the relationship once a week or once every other week isn't bad.

    I can sympathize with you... I've been going out with my girl for 7 months and in the last month we have only seen each other once a week and she hasn't really made any time for me. I guess it's your call but if you want to spend more time with him then tell him. It doesn't help to mull it over and over think it.


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