Why would you feel the need to do this?

OK so today my guy friend texted me..the purpose of the text to say good morning at three o clock in the afternoon ha ha and to tell me that his arm was bothering him so he wouldn't be able to text me for a while...lol I thought it was cute that he took the time to tell me, and I hope his arm feels better but..why would he feel the need to text me just to say that? Any thoughts not asking you to read his mind or anything just a brief insight on why you might do this..thanks in advance!


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  • I think its probably because he sees you as a good friend (or he could like you, I don't know the situation), but in case you texted him and he didn't reply, then you would know why. How often do you talk? Because if you talk often, they maybe he was just letting you know so that you don't get upset when he doesn't reply to you or send you a message.

    • Well we talk almost every single day, but I found it weird that he did this because he's not texted me for weeks at a time before and he's never made any comment or excuse so I was just like..Oh haha

    • Maybe he just thought you should know because he cares.

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