17, never had any sort of relationship? How do I meet people?

I am seventeen years old and have never been in a relationship with, or even kissed someone before.

I am currently a dual enrollment student at a local college, so I spend most of my time there. However, none of the guys are "quality" to me. They are all self righteous jerks and literally all of them smoke and drink. I'm a "good girl:" straight A's, never drank, never smoked, never tried any drugs, etc., so I just prefer to be with people who are more like me. All of the people at that school are either into sports and music, too. I'm not athletic or musical.

I have a job working as a private nanny, so I have no real way to meet people through work, and I can't quit the job because I make a boatload of money.

I consider myself to be fairly pretty. I am blond, 5'5", and 129 lbs (sadly lacking in the chest department, though! oh well). I also feel that I am pretty likable, even though I'm a bit shy. I am smart and I have a good sense of humor. I know that I am not the problem, but it feels that way because I seriously don't know any guys.

What are some ways to meet guys? I'm not asking for anything perfect, but I'm so tired of being bored all the time. I know it sounded like I'm picky, but I'm really not. Drinking doesn't bother me, because it's college, duh. I just choose not to do that because I have a family history of addiction. But smoking is an issue because I've had family members with lung cancer, and drugs are an issue because my friend's ex was a pothead and he'd message me constantly when he was high.

Anyone know where I can meet guys, or just friends in general? Sorry this is so long and rambly. If you read all of this then go buy yourself a cookie. :)


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  • Well, most of the time when people meet, it's either through mutual friends, while they're out and about, or through something like Facebook... but I don't think you should worry about it too much... don't let it keep you up at night or anything, because you'll eventually run in to somebody who likes all the things you like and you have loads in common with and have a mutual attraction with. Hell, I'm a guy, and I didn't start dating or doing anything until I was 20, but trust me, it eventually happens to everyone, especially those of us who are gifted with being intelligent and attractive.

    And, if I were you, I wouldn't worry about the chest thing... everyone has their own taste, and some guys prefer them that way.


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  • Maybe you need to be less uptight. And shyness is attractive in girls, so don't worry about that.


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  • Omgosh you are me lol I never kissed a guy til 17. After I started at my university there was so many types of guys. I joined clubs that interested me and started meeting girls and guys and just started making friends everywhere. Eventually I met a few guys I liked. Just get out there and make friends don't take it too seriously.