How to widen my options?

Guys- how willing are you to go with a girl you met in public?

I live in a small town and go to a really small, secluded school, and all the people there have all gone to the same school with each other forever. Everyone knows everyone, and everything is the same, all the guys are the same, all the girls are the same. I only have a couple of female friends from other schools, but I'm not really that close to them.

I really want a boyfriend, but I can't see myself with anyone at my school, I have literally imagined just about every guy here. I'm hoping for someone at a different school, but how do I meet them?

Party situations don't seem to work out for me, because all they want is a hookup or the connection dies after a couple of weeks.

Just go out with a couple of friends to get coffee? Where to go, and what to do if I do see a potential guy?


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  • If it seems like the person likes you and is a nice/chill girl, I would be willing to hang out to see what the person is like. Honestly I was able to meet my first and still ongoing girlfriend out randomly in public. It was through a friend at a party that I tagged along with, and well she was one of his friends that I never met. Though she lives in another city, and attends a different high school, me and her seem perfect, we like the same things were able to do everything together, and it was just surprising to find that there is someone else outside my town and high school that likes the same things I do.

    Advice: Go out with your friends and take a chance, get a little out of your comfort zone to meet someone. Go out to get coffee, read at the library or even shop at some store. I'm sure if I never met her at that party, we would have met somewhere else giving each other glances.

    Oh! and yeah if you see a potential guy, try to look approachable/friendly as well if he is looking too.

    If you catch him looking at you in the eye then glancing away, its a sign. =D

    Hopefully this helps =3 good luck!


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  • I see the job answer, and that can work, but you don't always have much time at work. Is there an area you can go to by yourself from time to time -- library, park, museum? If you're in a group of friends, it can be difficult. Obviously, you can't meet guys online, because we are all pervs here.

    • well the only problem is going somewhere where there would be acceptable guys (I live in the east SF bay area-Oaklandish, so there can sometimes be sketchy guys, thought I've met great ones that people would think are from not so great neighborhoods) my age. But yeah, I'll try, there's a lot of great park around here that I can go to.

    • Oh, I certainly didn't mean for you to go to a park in a bad neighborhood to pick up guys!

      So a huge area like SF-Oakland, and as attractive as you are, and you can't find the right guy?!

    • I know right? With so many people living here you'd think it's be easy. I guess my problem is finding the right time and place to go out alone and available, and I can be somewhat shy :)

  • > Guys- how willing are you to go with a girl you met in public?

    Oh wow, if I was younger and single I'd go with YOU in public.

    But I'm not. Never even been to your time zone. Anyhow...

    My wife (did I say that I'm married too? shhh) mentions a similar problem as you.

    She grew up in a small town. Few people her age. What to do if you see a potential guy? (Funny, he's either a guy or he isn't). Say hello. Someone as cute as you - it should work in your favour. Best of luck.


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  • well Id suggest you to invite yourself to a lot of school events or activities.. well I am in a lot of clubs and teams so I am always involved in sports games, concerts, or fundraisers such as carwash and stuffs.. and I get to meet guys from other school while working for those things. Another option would be getting a job nearby other schools. I worked at subway(the sandwich store) before and the shop was literally right beside a guys' school.. well I didn't really mean to get a job there but it just happened. I met crap tons of guys there even tho I didn't date any of them.

    • I like the job idea, my friend met her boyfriend by working at her moms restaurant.

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