Should I expect an answer from a statement?

I recently messaged a guy... "I'm going fishing in a few weeks... You have to come!" We've known each other for years, and have fished together before, but it has always been because of my father bringing him along. He didn't respond to my "message"... should I take the lack of some sort of response personally? I don't know if I weirded him out or if I am simply over-reacting. I just assumed that he would say, well... something.


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  • I think it was sweet of you :)

    Maybe something happened and thus he couldn't reply to your message?

    I mean don't take it too personally and at the same time don't have high hopes about it. Consider him not coming, but don't automatically think he's being rude.

    Enjoy fishing! :)

    • You always answer unanswered questions huh? hee hee

    • Yeah :) they need an answer too.