No phone call? Is it weird?

Great time but no phone call?

Heres the story :P

We didn't know each other so much. Went out two times with comon friends and yesterday went out for the first time alone togheter. The date went extremely well...we learned a lot about each other, talked a lot and had a great time...and then we end up making out for hours like some high school kids. He seemed really into me, complimented me non stop, say nice things, kiss me a lot etc.

The thing is I am just surprised that he didn't text or call me today at all ?

What do you think should I call him? Should I wait ?


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What Guys Said 1

  • just wait. if you know it went well he will call


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should wait, if he really liked you he will call/ text you. Guys tend to wait a day or two before calling/texting a girl they like so they don't seem desperate( just like us ladies). If he doesn't get in touch with you after a few days just move on, he was probably just looking for sex. Guys will do anything to get in a chicks pants even if it means he has say and do sweet kind things.

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