Four me. Help!

Alright, well, if you couldn't tell from the question title I've got guy trouble with a few different guys (4 actually).'s the Readers Digest version of all my men (geez that sounds bad...).

Guy 1) Awesome guy. Very sweet, hardworking, open, talkative. Kind of like a big friendly golden retriever really. Not a player (not smooth but adorable and very sincere). Very straight laced good guy. Problem is, he just had his heart stomped on by his (now ex) girlfriend of a year and a month. She cheated on him. Anyway, at first he admitted he kind of rebounded to me since we previously knew each other then said over time things changed and he really likes me and thinks of me and would like to date eventually...but not just yet. He's not ready yet-understandable but still a tad frustrating. He calls/texts/sends pics everyday though and is very sweet. I think he's worth the wait but I don't wanna wait forever.

Guy 2) I'm also in a kind of long distance relationship with another guy. I love him a lot and he loves me but we couldn't actually be together for YEARS. This sucks because I care about him a lot and if I did go into a relationship with someone close to home, I'd have to tell him (I can't hide things-it's not right) and he'd be crushed. I would too kind of because I do love him a lot but again-waiting sucks.

Guy 3) We've been close friends for roughly three years. He's very cool and laid back, outdoorsy (kind of an adrenaline junkie)-basically me in guy form. We've fooled around a bit but never took an actual relationship into serious consideration until very recently when he confessed that he's always had feelings for me and was just too scared to admit it. He knows I'm seeing other people and says that he doesn't want to get in my way but that if they don't work out that he'd like to seriously talk about being more than friends and I agreed because we have always had a sort of mutual attraction and sense of humor and I think it could work.

Guy 4) My first ever boyfriend from my junior year of high school who moved to New Mexico to join the Air Force and who openly admits to still being in love with me and wanting to be with me...he is also coincidentally Guy 3's friend. I'm not (nor have I ever really been) in love with him but obviously I care about him and don't want to hurt ANY of these guys.



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  • dont take 4 , 2 is also hard , think 3 and 1 are best choices ( 3 as best one of those 2 )

    • I agree. I mean, I feel awful that someone would hurt him-he's such a sweetheart and like I said I think he's worth the wait. But it just happened in October. How long could he have me waiting?

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  • i didn't read description of these guys so just know that. now, think about where you will be in 5 years. what path are you on to that destination. what is most important is what is best for you. Is one of these guys on that path? close to it? or opposite direction? meditate on what you REALLY NEED in your life. is it even a boyfriend? maybe you should let them chase you? WHERE IS YOUR FOCUS?! Create happiness and ignore the rest, your life will soon be a heaven on earth.

    • I agree lol trust me-boys never even really entered my life until college and I've never been one to NEED a relationship (being single is so much easier haha). I know what I wan't and I'm working for it and would never deter from that path for a guy. I obviously have a tendency to care about EVERYONE though and being in a position like this where every situation is 50/50 and someones probably gonna get hurt just blows.

    • you can't make anyone happy. only they can. this means not pleasing people because you think they need it. that is not your position in life. unless it is someone special to you obviously. hopefully this narrows it down . =]

    • I know I know lol thanks :)

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  • I'm not going to tell you who to choose, but here are some questions you should ask yourself.

    - Do I want to be in a long-distance relationship?

    - What are his good and bad qualities?

    - Will his goals get in the way of our relationship?

    - Is this someone who I can see myself being happy with?

    Just make a list of your deal-breakers and see which ones you'd be willing to bend and which ones you wouldn't bend for. For example, long-distance is a deal-breaker for me so I wouldn't want anyone who was going to be away for an extended period of time.

    • Great advice :) Thanks. I'll definitely have to give it some thought.

  • Guy number 3 all the way...

    Because you said So, he is your male version, he is fun to Be with and likes you and Sounds like fun the rest sound kind of boring on the long run...

    Go get him!

    • Lol yeah...I like him a lot :)

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    • Well I guess you like this other guy more...

    • Well I wouldn't just dump him right off the bat because my guy friend suddenly and with admittedly bad timing confessed he had feelings for me. I care about them both. So yeah, I like the guy I'm seeing and won't just bail. But like I said, I'm not unwilling to talk about dating my friend if it doesn't work out.

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